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Healing with a Touch of Care

Care is at the heart of all that we do at SilverGenie. Our team of specialists include doctors, nurses, health coaches, therapists, all trained to create diverse care plans to ensure holistic care for elders. All our plans can be customized to support the needs and desires of the patient. We ensure a continuum of care with the unique combination of human intervention and technological expertise, which provides best-in-class care for the elderly.

No matter how complex or basic your needs are, our team of experts can help and support you.

The Gift of Good Health program enables you to care for your elders by giving them a wide range of health offerings. SilverGenie is associated with an array of experts and is backed by the latest technology which gives us access to a remote monitoring eco-system. All of these and more help us make informed medical decisions in real-time, giving elders the right care at the right time.
Clinical Services

Good health goes beyond medications and doctor visits. SilverGenie understands that which is why we offer easy and one-touch access to numerous experts from diverse specializations. The aim is to care for senior citizens by catering to their every well-being need. With Gift of Good Health, you will have round the clock access to renowned doctors, freedom to schedule diagnostic services at your convenience, chance to interact with fitness experts, counsellors and dietitians, monitor, track and manage health with wearables and combat non-communicable diseases like diabetes.

Emergency Preparedness

At SilverGenie, we are prepared to deal with emergencies whenever they occur. Our emergency services team of highly skilled, trained personnel, along with the physical and cyber resources, provide a wide range of prevention, preparedness, response, and recovery services. This includes an emergency preparedness plan, emergency support and coordination, a dedicated emergency health coach, instant home care services and home monitoring services along with a dedicated emergency personnel.

Assistance Workforce

To provide consistent, committed and quality care to our elders, SilverGenie has curated a professional and experienced workforce. The SilverGenie assistance workforce is a dedicated team of trained nursing care staff who specialize in elder care, attendants, critical care nurses, home care assistants and home isolation assistants. Additionally, we are also prepared for emergencies, provide ambulance services and support caregivers with consultations and training.


At SilverGenie, we have got you covered. Your dedicated health concierge will digitize your personal health records and work closely with you to improve your health outcomes. We will equip you so that you can take on one day at a time, whether it’s your diagnostic requirements or support with your medication or medical equipment, SilverGenie will make sure that everything is available at your doorstep.

Subscription Plans

We have 3 subscription plans, for you to make the right and relevant choice depending on the duration of assistance required

3 Months

6 Months

12 Months

Designed to help elders cope with COVID-19 at home and help them with their recovery plans during and after the illness.
Care guide

Learn more about COVID-19 dos and don’ts with our care guide booklet

Remote monitoring and PHR Management

Let our clinical experts consistently monitor and collect medical data to take informed medical decisions. We will seamlessly manage and monitor your personal health records at every step to keep track of every change

Isolation care

All physical and mental well-being needs are taken care of during your isolation period at home. SilverGenie is also associated with some of the best isolation centers to ensure better care and proper treatment with the intervention of medical experts and facilities.

Tele-consultations with experts

Get access to renowned doctors and our pool of other experts for consultations and advice

SilverGenie concierge support

Dedicated concierge to support and fulfil all your wellness wishes

Nursing & patient-caregiver consultations

Get management tips and more to ensure better care and faster recovery for your loved one battling the virus

Medicines delivery & home sample collection

Get medicines and medical equipment delivered to your doorstep. We shall also assist you in scheduling home sample collections and other diagnostic services to help you stay at home and recuperate

Explore Our Other Offerings

Wellness Offer

Wellness Services

Our skilled resource pool consists of reputed physicians, dieticians, counsellors and more to take care of an elder’s mental and physical well-being.

Wellness Offer

Diabetes Management

Manage ailments like diabetes and hypertension better with our
Diabetes packages.

Wellness Offer

SilverGenie Clinically Trusted Manpower

Choose from trained critical care nursing staff, trained nursing staff
or attendants for elders.

SilverGenie’s Phygital Platform Journey for

Care Management
of Seniors


The senior patient’s daughter reaches out to SilverGenie for her father who resides in
another city


The care management program is based on


SilverGenie gives the patient access to a dedicated health coach


SilverGenie conducts an emergency preparedness assessment


Activates emergency alerts with a click


The program gives the daughter peace of mind knowing that her father is cared for and looked after

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